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Hey guys, welcome to the Referral Pay blog. We will be using this blog to guide our members on earning more on the Referral Pay network. As I’m writing this, Referral Pay has become the #1 Influencer Network. With only being around for less than 5 years, Referral Pay has paid over $68M to over 225,000 of its members. With these numbers, Referral Pay is on track to enduring prolonged success.


Social Media Market

Since the start of Facebook in 2004, and even MySpace in the year before, social media has brought a new market. Currently, the social media market is worth over $500 billion with over $3 billion people actively using it. Yes, $3 BILLION PEOPLE; approximately half of the human population. Out of the $500 billion evaluation, most of the people who use social media make NOTHING out of it.


We don’t think this is fair and Referral Pay strives to fix this. It should be easy for any user to enjoy the financial benefits of using social media. At the moment, the only people enjoying these benefits are the founders of social media companies and big social media influencers (musicians, comedians, models, etc.) and their managers.


Turn your social media into money with Referral Pay

To become an influencer, people generally think you need a big following and a big influence. However, with Referral Pay, anyone can become an influencer. Sure, a big influencer with 500k followers can make some serious money. But why can’t a person with 500 followers make some money too?


Referral Pay connects members with big brand opportunities, essentially turning them into influencers. It doesn’t matter how many followers one has, all of them are valuable.



Want to find out how much you could be making? Check out our calculator here!


Make sure you stay tuned to upcoming blog posts. If you have just joined Referral Pay, welcome to the family!